Winter 2012 Hacklab Minutes

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Live minutes from Winter 2012 Hacklab


Break and Raveoke mini-clinic[edit]

Using the Matroska video format for embedding subtitles in your raveoke files, and how to make VLC display them properly.

Drupal 101 clinic[edit]

We ran through a number of projects:

  • Mike: Drupal site for his work, including 3rd party authentication integration.
  • Charlie: using open layers and mapping to build a track the evil bastards site for Corporate Watch.
  • Mick: using CiviCRM with Drupal to but a contact and emailing database for



  • Continued discussion on consolidation.
  • Proposal to set up a new web site to co-ordinate all projects: we decided are quite a lot of deliberation to use the name Tech Tools for Activism (the new name for the booklet) and to move the newly proposed HacktionLab web site to be this new site.
  • Discussion on taking HacktionLab on tour and doing other events. The general consensous of those present was that we were more up for doing city-based, locally organised events, or providing workshops at other events, as opposed to doing festivals. Although some were still interested in doing spaces in activist-orientated outdoor events.
  • A look at the new version of the web site and a bit of a hack session on this.

After lunch[edit]

Decisions and Actions[edit]

  • To convene a tech tools for activism web site meeting in 3 weeks: Mike
  • To convene a TTFA booklet meeting: Mick

March 10/11