HacktionLab Summer 2023

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The next HacktionLab gathering will take place in at Abbeyfield House, in Abbeyfield Park, Pitsmoor, Sheffield, UK from Friday 16th June to Sunday 18th June 2023. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbeyfield_Park

Live stream of the Community Room at HacktionLab (could be a bit on and off, but do persevere)

Interesting in coming and getting involved? Get in touch with us by joining and e-mailing our mailing list.

Talks, Activities, and Workshops

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We're collecting proposals and ideas for talks, activities and workshops at Workshops for HacktionLab Summer 2023. If you already have a login for this wiki, please go to that page to add your own proposals, otherwise, why not join and email our mailing list to make a proposal.

Social Events

We have two social evenings 7pm onward on Friday and Saturday at DINA and the Bay Horse Inn respectively.

For Friday's evening at DINA there will be a paid bar and no food provided, but you are welcome to bring your own food in to eat. There is equipment to show films and we may have a jam session.

For Saturday we will be going to the Bay Horse Inn in Pitsmoor (aka Burngreave) where there will be pie and peas provided, cheap beer, and plenty of chance to socialise and discuss the day's workshops and talks.


We are asking for a contribution of £20 to cover our costs.


There will be catering so we are keen to know of numbers in advance. Note: we need to keep an eye on numbers for the purpose of making sure we have enough catering and space for us, so if you're intending to come, please email | sheffield2023@hacktionlab.org or simply add yourself to the signup sheet password: sheffield


Friday 16th: Daytime at Abbeyfield House from 2pm

Setting things up, and possibly informal talks and discussions at Abbeyfield House, Abbeyfield Park, Burngreave Road, Pitsmoor, Sheffield (see - https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/60613013)

Friday 16th: Evening at DINA from 7pm

Meet-up with a social evening, maybe films and music at DINA https://www.dinavenue.com/ (website down, there's a page on ArseBook at https://www.facebook.com/dinavenue and the venue is located at 12 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield - see https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/9349482#map=19/53.38298/-1.46494)

DINA is located in the centre of Sheffield, near to the train station and bus interchange, and also near to a tramway. There is no free parking nearby, but there are pay car parks in the centre of Sheffield.

Saturday 17th: Daytime at Abbeyfield House from 9am

Talks and workshops at Abbeyfield House with lunch provided.

Saturday 17th: Evening at the Bay Horse Inn from 7pm

Food (free) and drink at the Bay Horse Inn, Pitsmoor.

The Bay Horse is located near Abbeyfield House in Pitsmoor.

Bay Horse Inn address: 463 Pitsmoor Road, Sheffield, S3 9AY Bay Horse Inn map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/121559753

Sunday 18th: Daytime at Abbeyfield House from 10.30am

Brunch and more talks and workshops at Abbeyfield House.


We can offer limited accommodation in people’s spare rooms / floors, and also there are many hotel, guest house and B&B offerings in Sheffield. We realise accommodation can be costly, and are investigating other low-cost options. Watch this space for more details.

OFFER: Jonathan can offer 4+ places: 1 in a bed, 3 bring-your-own sleeping bag to crash (2 of these would be on floor-carpet and 1 on a very flat, large sofa). Contact via mailing list OK?