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Welcome to the BarnCamp Welcome Desk wiki page[edit]

This page is to guide volunteers on the welcome desk at BarnCamp. It may also be useful if you can't remember everything you were told when you arrived, because you were so enchanted by the charisma of our volunteers.


The welcome desk at barncamp has these functions -

  • To greet new arrivals and help to meet any immediate needs they may have
  • To make sure people know how the event works
  • To make sure people know how the site works
  • To keep a record of how many people are on site
  • To provide updates on projected numbers of mouths to feed for catering crew
  • To check everyone remembers to pay if they haven't already
  • To keep the cashbox safe
  • To answer calls from people en-route to the event who may need advice or lifts
  • To direct any questions we can't answer to the right person


  • Pool of volunteers
  • Rota of 2-hr shifts covering 10am - 8pm Thursday to Saturday
  • Desk, operator's chair, guest chair
  • The BAMS console
  • Miscellaneous stationery
  • Batphone
  • Walkie-Talkie & charger
  • Wired LAN and 240V access
  • This wiki page

Check-in Checklist[edit]

Lots of people will have been before, so they know the drill and you may be able to skip some of this. The items in bold are the ones that can't be omitted, and must be mentioned to everyone as they arrive, regardless of how experienced that person claims to be (this is based on feedback from previous events).

  • Do you need some water / to use the toilet / sit down and catch your breath after walking up that hill?

Headcount and Money[edit]

  • Identify the person who has arrived using BAMS (ask them for their name / registration code / email and use search). Record their arrival on the system. If they haven't already paid, take £40 cash (or more if they want to give it). We don't give receipts so it's essential for the transaction to be recorded correctly on BAMS.

How the site works[edit]

  • Location of toilets & handwash
  • Location of drinking water and soft drinks
  • Where to pitch your tent
  • Where the workshop spaces are
  • Stay away from farm machinery and tools unless asked by one of the coop
  • Don't go into the kitchen area unless you're volunteering and have washed your hands
  • First aid and fire extinguisher points
  • No smoking inside any structure
  • Any questions about the site?

How the event works[edit]

  • Everyone here helps to run the event and shares responsibility
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Look at the Safe_Spaces_policy and if you don't understand, ask
  • Some workshops are arranged in advance but there is open space for you to add your ideas / offers
  • How the board works and who is coordinating it
  • You need to be in the right place at the right time, so as not to disrupt workshops for others
  • Mealtimes and bar opening times
  • Enjoy the unstructured time as well as the timetabled activities
  • If you want to make audio or video recordings or take photos, ask the people
  • Any questions about the event?


  • If person has kids, link with other breeders to arrange small-person-compatible activities
  • If person has health / mobility / ability issues they've already told us about, discuss any arrangements that have been made
  • Suggest getting tent set up before it gets dark / one gets drunk / it rains