ToDo list

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  • Confirm what cooking + catering + heating equipment we have, this would include cooking pots and utensils, water heating (for tea, coffee) - including gas, cutlery + crokery, washing-up facilities. Highbury Farm have kindly offered to lend the farmhouse kitchen and utensils for cooking in, so all we need to sort is the urn for tea making and tea and coffee and stuff like that. Lloyd will bring up extra cooking pots and gas burner facilities just in case we are over subscribed.
  • Jane is placing food order on Wednesday morning. There is also a list of food and purchases, which Mike will be getting together Wednesday and Thursday. Food to arrive either Thursday eve with Mike, or otherwise Friday PM with Sam.
  • Mick is investigating getting an urn and crockery for 20 people. (there is an electric urn availble from Bristol Wireless as a back-up).
  • Confirm what food we need for 25 people. Our budget is about 10/head for 6 meals!! That is 250 quid for 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch and 2 x dinner + tea and coffee. This food needs to be ordered and purchased prior to Wednesday (Mick/Jane) and collected Thursday (Mike), preferably from Bristol.
  • Tables: Mike will bring 2 trestle tables on Thursday evening.
  • Cyder: Rich has ordered cyder from preferred supplier. Mike collecting Wednesday. BW has plastic cups from last year, this could be brought, also Lloyd is bring some biodegradable cups.
  • Beer: Mick to get slabs
  • Mike/Lloyd looking at getting a 9 gallon barrel of stock left over from Sunrise.

Fire pit

  • Highbury will come up with some wood. Woodsy will be arriving on Thursday evening and is armed with bow saw to deal with this.


  • Andy S is getting the suite together - 6 - 12 machines - Mike and Andy will bring these up on Thursday.
  • eth1 needs configuring to get lease
  • New optical mice to be calmed down in the lts.conf!!
  • Mouse mats/similar to be remebered so said mice can be used on shiny tables
  • Gather some Linux/FOSS info/banners etc.

Mess Tent

  • This is all together at SWCC, Rich has sorted the piece that needed welding.
  • Tent will go up in Mike's van on Thursday.


  • Woodsy said he would put some tunes on.
  • Put a call out to the list for anyone else who can entertain.
  • Mick and Mike to bring some films to show (in the barn?), there is a sound system.
  • Mike to bring projector.
  • We need a projector screen?? - mick to bring small one - would be good to get a bigger one
  • Mike has contacted Wilma to see if they would play (they can't) on Saturday night; Mike also thinking of contacting Fucknuckle.

Net connection

  • ADSL at Highbury is working okay, as sat not fully working currently (but hopefully will for the weekend).
  • Handling to be handed to Lloyd, if he is up for this. To provide Wifi to camping field.


  • In camping field we need some renewables. Sam is bring a few bits and bobs and so is Mike.


  • Runners: Rich and Alex using Mike's car.
  • Get SIM card for phone for runners and publicise number.....(may be?)


  • Some better definition of them needed, but we are nearly there. Mick/Mike/Sam/Ben/Adele/Everyone??
  • Ben+Mick+others to do Linux video
  • Sam+Mike to do streaming.
  • Mike/Lloyd to do satellite and 3G workshop
  • Sam+Lloyd on wifi etc
  • Mick on video producion/IMC type topics
  • Adele/Àgata on being nice to non-nerds.
  • Andy/Ben possibly LTSP
  • Privacy, encryption and security