Tech Tactics for Social Change Oxford 2017 - Programme

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Draft programme development here:

The current plan is for HacktionLab to run from 10am to 11pm on Saturday, and 10am to 4.15pm on Sunday. The main sessions end at 6pm on Saturday with social and some entertainment in the evening.

Download PDF of TTFSC Oxford 2017 Programme

Saturday 21st October[edit]

Saturday's programme is a single track of programmed sessions.

10.00 Arrive + Coffee
10:20 Lean Welcome to Avoid Early Burn-Out

Mike Harris (HacktionLab)

10.30 Entering a World of Technology

Sushila Dhall (Refugee Resource)

11.15 Break
11.30 How we became (almost) the world's largest media co-operative

Charlie Harvey (New Internationalist)

12.15 Break
12.30 Who Owns Oxford?

Charlie Fisher (Transition By Design)

13.15 Lunch
14:45 HomelessHack Oxford: Why it didn't happen

Neil Lawrence (HomelessHack)

15.30 Break
15.45 Non Violent Protest and it usefulness. Technology and Affinity Groups

Sarah Lasenby (Trident Ploughshares)

16.15 Break
16.30 Humanitarian Open StreetMaps

Clara (HacktionLab)

17.15 Break
17.30 Hacking Gender

Valentina Messeri (HacktionLab)

18.00 Finish
18.00-23.00 Evening Social

Hang out, go out, or go home

23.00 End

Sunday 22nd October[edit]

Sunday's programme was much more free-format and took shape over Saturday and Sunday itself.

Time Sunday 22nd October
10.00 Arrive + Coffee
11:00 BarnCamp/HacktionLab: A Lean Burn-Out Retrospective

Mike Harris (HacktionLab)

11.15 Break
11.45 Avoiding Burn-Out in a Community Wiki Project

Nor (CowleyRoad.Org)

12.20 Learning Life Skills in the 21st Century


12.40 Break
12.50 Better Tech 4 Better Future

Bob Bollen

13.15 Lunch
14.15 Timeline of Direct Action in Oxford

Ed Pope (Ed Pope History)

14.50 East Oxford Global Village

Kim (Oxford Hackspace)

15.10 Distributed Online Conversations


16.00 End