Table of who's bring things to Barncamp 2019

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Category Equipment Who providing Notes
Power 3-phase splitter Sean / 3-phase power supply is at farm Image

Mike H has a crate of stuff that probably includes the splitter - Need to email Mike D to check this

C-type terminated 16A cabling, some long runs Sam has 10m 16cable Email Sam to ask if he can bring this. (But Mike H probably has one too)
lots of 4-way extensions Brent has 10m 4-way reel, and a couple of longer 4-ways Sorted
Networks router Not needed
switch BenG's AP includes a switch, also Brent will bring a couple Sorted
wireless access point x 2 BenG has one AP to bring (with 4 ports). Sorted
ethernet-over-power Not needed because not using marquee
short ethernet cables People to bring whatever they can Sorted
long runs of ethernet cable
  • Brent has 1 x medium and 1 x shorter.
  • BenG has cable ends and 50m of spare cable.
Ethernet extender couplers Brent x 4 Sorted
Structures OARC marquee and a party tent Party tent at farm, not bring marquee. Sorted

6 normal chair (rest as straw bails)

Naomi Naomi to ask friend
Tables We used a number of tables that belong the St Werburghs Community Centre in Bristol.

Or Sam has 2x folding plastic tables 73cm x 180cm I can bring, I also have a 73 x 180cm stainless table that I could lend, but would need to be collected in a van 10 miles North of Bristol as it doesn't fold.

Sean arranged from BASE
Kitchen/Bar Tables Sufficient tables at farm for kitchen Sorted
Cooking facilities Provided by the farm Sorted
Eating utensils Sean is going to try and borrow some Sean arranged from BASE
Pint/Half glasses ? need to borrow Naomi to email Sean, and get feedback ASAP, if he can't, need to sort
Cleaning facilities Farm have always provided Sorted
Toilets Farm has toilets Sorted
Entertainment Sound system of some kind / speakers / PA Mike D collecting from Billy Smith
Firewood Farm will supply some for free and sell some Sorted, but may need money
Workshops Projectors & screens Sam has projector, powerful but slightly noisy fan

Brent has white theatre-type fabric approx 5 x 3 metres

Email Sam to check if he;s bringing it
Scheduling noticeboard There are boards at the farm. Brent to bring stationary including gaffa tape, markers and large sheets of paper. Sorted
Welcome/duty desk Laptop Brent (with BAMS) Sorted
First aid Basic kit at farm sorted
Walkie talkies (optional) 'cos they're cool
Other "burner" phone & SIM Brent to provide sorted
Stationery, tape, rope/string, etc. Brent to bring, including flip charts / large paper sorted
Signage for entry routes