Table of Possible Workshops for Hacktionlab on the Road

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Please list which workshops you can do and what resources they need. Only worth completing if you want in on touring round the festies with Hacktionlabsters.

Workshop Leader/s Resources Required Resources Preferred
Bitcoins in Action Ben Green / Chris Projector
Synfig Ben Green Projector Suite of computer with Synfig installed
Scribus Ben Green Projector Suite of computer with Scribus 1.4 installed
Green Computing Ben Green Projector
Ecological & Social Costs of IT Sy Projector
Introduction to DSLR video & Magic Lantern Sy Canon DSLR & various accessories Projector
Media Activism for Beginners Sy
Digital Commons and Digital Enclosure (Peer to Peer, Open Source, Walled gardens) Sy projector
Email security for Beginners Adelayde / penguin Projector, 2 laptops
1.5 hour streaming audio workshop Adelayde Projector, laptop (or two), microphones, audio recorder, small mixer, leads, cans
The Double Check: a few checks to see where we are right now + where where we think we are going Joseph/Yosev Any fairly closed space where voices can be heard
Anonymous Blogging with Wordpress networks Mick projector - internet
What is the Open Web and why should I give a shit? Mick projector - internet
DIY Internet - keeping communication open under crackdown (Infrastructure/hardware) Chris
Anonymous encrypted instant messaging using OTR John internet internet, projector
Secure Instant Messaging Mick internet internet, projector, 4 laptops
Intro to Audio Editing and making Internet Radio Mick 2 laptops, 2 audio recording devices internet, projector, 4 laptops, 4 audio recording devices
Design a Social Media strategy to set you free Mick internet, projector internet, projector, 4 laptops
12-volt laptop suite workshop, including some stuff on 12-volt, Linux and free software and recycling. Adelayde Internet, power - will bring 4-6 terminal laptop suite projector

Please write the title and a short description of your workshop below which can be included in festival or event programmes. This needs to include a one sentence introduction to the subject matter / software and then explain what you workshop involves and why / how it is useful to your potential audience.

What is the Open Web and why should I care?[edit]

The Open Web is a way of describing a lot of the great things we have come to love about the Internet. This includes ideas of the level playing field of communication, the openness of the technology and the possibility to exchange information freely. This workshop is a way of learning and sharing information about these ideas and finding out ways you can fight to keep the web open.

Anonymous Blogging with Wordpress networks[edit]

Wordpress is an online tools which can be used to create websites and blogs. Wordpress can be configured to protect the identity of the people who read and post on them. This is a hands on workshop which is suitable to beginners. It may also be of interest to website creators who want to find out more about this area.

Email security for beginners[edit]

A look at stregies for sending secure email on the web using freely available tools. Why would you want a non-corporate email address; what are the advatages and disadvantages, inlcuding a look at some free non-commercial on-line providers, such as and and their webmail and non-web mail offerings. Why would you want to send an encrypted email and how do you do it? Based on practical demonstrations, not heavy encryption theory.

No specific skills required, but it would be most useful to you if you're a regular user of the Internet and email.

Streaming audio and producing podcasts using free (and frely available) software[edit]

Ever wanted to audio blog? Or run your own alternative radio station on the net? This workshop will cover the basics of getting a small portable recording set-up from a single laptop/pc to a small mixer and mics and then look at free tools out there for recording and live streaming your audio, including software for Linux, Mac and Windows. We'll then take a look at what podcasts are and how they work. We'll cover suggestions of places to host your audio and streaming your live show, including a look at the pan-Global-free-streaming project G.I.S.S. Workshop could be tailored to last between 1.5 and 3 hours depending on the level of detail we go into with each area.

Recomended target audience: suitable for anyone with an interest in music and/or radio and that may have 'played' with audio tools on a computer, or fiddled with a microphone. Basic computer skills necessary.

The 12-volt laptop suite[edit]

A talk coupled with a demonstration of the pioneering Bristol Wireless 12-volt laptop suite - a beautiful combination of free software, recycled hardware and renewable energy. A breif history of the suit covering some of the many events and uses it's been put to, followed by a look a the technology, how it's put together and how to put one together yourself for your community centre, social centre, residents association, or to take on the road even. We'll touch on the 12 volt theory, looking at power usage and the pros and cons of AC vs DC, as well as look at the Linux Terminal Server Project and how a crappy old laptop is turned can be turned into a workstation. 1.5 - 2 hour workshop, and laptops could be left running for most of the weekend, or at least extended sessions.

Suitable to anyone with an interest. No computer skills necessary for workshop, although we may dive into the odd technical bit to do with renewables and Linux, we won't do for too long.

Secure Instant Messaging[edit]

MSN messenger, yahoo and facebook chat can be a fun way of keeping in touch with friends old and new. But, what if you want to chat securely and make sure what you are saying is private. This workshop will look at two ways of doing this. The old favourite IRC, and a new way via the Pidgin software and something called 'Off the Record' encryption. This will be a hands-on interactive and hopefully fun session aimed at any level of computer user.

Intro to Audio Editing and making Internet Radio[edit]

In this entry level workshop we will use free software (Audacity) and cheap audio equipment to make a short radio report, community announcement or radio jingle. This is fun, productive and you will learn a lot! Everyone attending the workshop will receive a free copy of the Audacity manual and an invite to take part in a new Internet radio project.

Design a Social Media strategy to set you free[edit]

Twitter and Facebook seem to be the ways that lots of people find out about events, projects and news. However, there are cases where these "social media" tools are censored or taken away from people or groups, which is clearly a rubbish thing. There are other tools in existence but which have less people using them. This workshop will evaluate these tools (including and Diaspora) with discussion and hands on training. Then we'll look at the possibility of plugging all of these tools together to create a social media strategy to get the best of both worlds and to set us all free (hopefully!).