Prism and the Dark Side of the Net Encryption Clinic

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Since the revelations of Edward Snowdon, it's emerged that we're definitely being monitored by our own governments and that corporate providers have cooperated (either willingly or through coertion) with the GCHQ and the NSA to hand over our data.

There's much talk of having greater privacy, but how is it done? The science behind cryptography is very complex, the topic is often difficult to explain and the software is not the most user-friendly in the world.

So you want to get encrypted? you want greater privacy? But how do you do it?

During the next HacktionLab On Saturday 15th November from 2pm and 6pm at the 1in12 club, Bradford, we hope to answer those questions with a drop-in clinic to help you get set up. If you have a laptop bring it, even a desktop if you can be bothered and we'll help you with this.

The format for the event will be:

  • short talk to introduce the subject and cover recent events followed by a Q&A.
  • clinic to get encrypted
  • further Q&A and break out discussions at the same time should people wish to do this.

We'll also be handing out USB sticks with the anonymous Tails distribution already running on them: you boot your computer from it and it has everything you need to be anonymous on the Net.