Notes for people with limited mobility or health problems

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We want BarnCamp to be inclusive and accessible to all people regardless of health status or physical abilities.

Part of what makes the event special is the beautiful situation of Highbury Farm, but being up a hill with very basic amenities can present challenges for some people. We want to do what we can to deal with those challenges constructively, as far as is reasonable.

Some things to consider if you're planning to come and have limited mobility:

  • the hill from the village to the camping field, and from the field to the activity spaces, is steep and uneven
  • getting vehicles of any sort up the hill is difficult
  • live-in vehicles are welcome in the camping field; there may be very limited space for less physically able people to bring live-in vehicles up to the farm, but don't try this unless you've asked us first
  • there may be some beds in shared caravans at the site but this is very limited and you definitely need to ask us first if you think you need this kind of thing

If you have respiratory problems, be aware that it can get very dusty in the barn, but there's plenty of lovely clean air outside.

For any questions about this or related stuff, please contact us.