HacktionLab Sheffield 2023 Streaming Set-up

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Thoughts about the set-up at https://pad.kanthaus.online/hacktionlab-streaming?view Video recording trials at https://socialcoop.meet.coop/nic-dgl-xso-zib thanks to Social Coop

Summary of install

  1. Using an install of BigBlueButton and GreenLight we can do a video conferencing type presentation with a presenter sharing a screen and their own laptop camera, and a fixed video camera in the room.
  2. We can have a separate audio set-up with a fixed ambient mic for the room and a fix mic for the speaker. We also have a wireless mic that could be used. The audio will come into a small mixer, as will any audio from the speaker's laptop.
  3. The speaker's laptop is connected to a video projector/screen directly and audio out via the aforementioned mixer.
  4. We have a laptop dedicated to being the streaming laptop, streaming the room audio and fixed video.
  5. We can record every session using the BBB setup.
  6. At AbbeyField House we have two rooms and felt that we could have one with this set-up in and the other without. So to be recorded streamed you'll need to be in the room, and being recorded or streamed is not compulsory if in the room.
  7. We felt the set-up would work for both 'presenter' style talks with slides etc, a group discussion, a hybrid of the two, and also for a remote speaker.