HacktionLab Autumn 2015

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HacktionLab is taking place in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden from 4th to 6th December this year. This will be a tech event with no nerd gag and a bit of a focus on programming this time. You have been warned. Here's the low down:


It'll take place in two venues:

Saturday 5th December from 10AM at the Bridge Rectifier Hackerspace in Hebble End Mill, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 6HJ:

http://www.bridgerectifier.org.uk http://alternativetechnology.org.uk

It's great to be guests of these guys and make some new contacts and friends.

Sunday 6th December from 10.30AM at Crazy8 (which is upstairs Golden Lion, Todmorden):


Friday night we'll be meeting at 9.30PM in The Fox and Goose Inn in Hebden Bridge:


And Saturday night the plan is to go to the Blue Pig Working Mens' Club (where it is £2.10/pint):

WARNING THIS NEXT LINK IS TO FACEBOOK. CLICK WITH YOUR PERIL. (sorry it was the only link I could find):



If you are thinking of coming and need a place to stay, you'll need to find your own accommodation for this one. But do sign-up to the HacktionLab list and get in touch that way to see if anyone knows anyone who can put you up. Likewise if you know anyone there who can...


There will be a need to chip in a little for accommodation and using the Hackspace. This will be no more than £20 per person, hopefully less.


No food etc is included for this one.


Saturday - Bridge Rectifier Hackspace, Hebden Bridge[edit]

Sunday - Crazy 8 at the Golden Lion, Todmorden[edit]

  • What is RSA and how does it work? - Kate Dawson
  • You can keep your fancy 'flavour-of-the-month' Javascript frameworks; Let's get retro with COBOL! - Mike Harris
  • Ioinic.js for building cross-device apps - Mick Fuzz
  • Haskell - Charlie Harvey
  • Everything I always wanted to know about crypto but the NSA wouldn't let me tell you - Naomi Rosenburg