HacktionLab 2009/01 logistics

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Overall production covers the co-ordination of the following areas:

  • Travel to site - checking of directions and public transport services, being on the hotphone for running people from Chepstow to site, co-ordination of vehicles coming on site.
  • Food - preparation of meals and specifying food quantities and orders. (Jane, John, Amias)
  • Fire - getting firewood together and organising fire each night. Fire safety. (Woodsy)
  • Workshops - organising the programme of workshops. (RichardR)
  • kettle watching (Hamish)
  • Entertainment (Mick, MikeH)
  • Internet access (Matt0, MikeH, BenG, AndyS)
  • Power provision (SamR, ???)
  • Toilets (Highbury)
  • Lighting (SamR, ???)
  • Signage (???)
  • Refreshments - a bar of sorts (drinks provided by CyderPunk + Lemmy) - Llanos/Rich
  • Videography & photojournal (?)


There is mains electricity at the farm house and in the barn.

We will need to provide renewables for lighting and for the tent in the camping field. Suggested co-ordinator for this role is SamR.


There is broadband access at the farm. We will also be using a satellite dish to providing additional connectivity (possibly in the camping field) and to demonstrate and discuss the technology.

Sugested co-ordinator for this role is MattZero, BenG or AndyS.


There is a composting toilet in near to the barn and will also be one installed in the camping field.

Fire space[edit]

Rather than two fire spaces like last year, this year we shall use a single space in the upper field, nearest the barn.


  • DIY Film night hosted by Mick
  • OpenMic/Stage/Accoustic/Whatever, MikeH needs help, do come forward :)
  • Other ideas please come forward????


  • LTSP suite (from Bristol Wireless)
  • Video projector + screen (or white sheet) for films - project from MikeH, screen from ??
  • Welcome tent in camping field (from Bristol wireless)
  • Trestle tables (for LTSP suite / kitchen, from Bristol Wireless)
  • Kitchen equipment (from Highbury Farm, John, Amias)
  • 12v lighting + batteries (from MikeH, SamR or LloydC)
  • micro projector [1] (Hamish)


Jane and the Highbury Farm kitchen provided excellent food in 2008 and will again be providing evening meals for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. As there are more days and more of us this year, John and Amias will be joining us this year to help with cooking and will be providing breakfast and lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We will have a cooked breakfast option and also the normal toast and cereal. Lunch will be soup, salad, bread and (maybe) cheese.

It is important that we have numbers for food orders and cooking arrangements, so there we've created a Doodle for meals during HacktionLab.

Cunningly this will also give us an idea of when to expect you and what workshop slots are likely to be busy or not at all busy. So even if you already signed up to this list and already signed up using the old (defunct) sign-up form, please do do the Doodle for us. Thanks.

Equipment required[edit]

  • white sheet / screen for projector


  • Catering crew
  • Mess tent set-up
  • LTSP suite set-up
  • Networking, projector and power set-up
  • Shit pit and pissoirs
  • Fire crew

We need keen set-up and take down crew who can commit to the whole period (Thursday till Monday), if you are able to do this, please sign up to the mailing list and let us know.

Immediate requirement is for more folks to get involved, this is a workshop event, so all those who come should also expect to be involved in making the whole thing happen, so although we will plan for the equipment to bring, it will be an organic affair (not in the sense of vegetables).

Please encourage other people to get involved by asking them that they join the mailing list.