HacktionCamp 2022 Roles

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The following roles would be useful to have individuals responsible for:

Campsite liaison
liaises with the camping ground about what we want to hire at the site, arrival and departure times, providing attendees with details, makes sure we have some wood in for a fire, makes sure we have some electricity to a structure, if we need that
Workshops coordinator
sets up a page on the wiki and gathers in ideas, establishes what facilities we have and what we need, and what we lack
Flyer maker
makes a flyer we can send out digitally (ASAP this one) and perhaps a banner to go with it for the website
Tod College liaison
liaises with the college on the space, our use of it, any facilities we need to use there (like the kitchen), arrival and departure times (is this you Mick?)
Food coordinator
thinks about this, perhaps we can have something for lunch on Friday and Saturday at least, and maybe think about what’s in town for other meals, etc. Is this you Gareth maybe?
generally keep people informed, answer questions, convene the gathering a let everyone know the meeting times and places
Overall production