Camp for Climate Action 2008

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Background - history and now[edit]

In previous years the alt media provision was not a climate camp working group at all but simply a bunch of people pitching in under the indymedia 'brand' and quite disconnected from camp process.

After the first climate camp at Drax, elements of indymedia complained of feeling like they were treated like service providers and that people weren't taking on the whole "don't hate the media - be the media" ethos [1] ( Others were concerned that indymedia coverage focused on the conflict and spectacle in the same way as the mainstream coverage and rather than documenting all the amazing work that went in to the camp or the issues raised in the workshops. The following year more effort went into covering those aspects [2][3][4] (and saw the creation of the camp photo pool) but the alt media provision remained very disconnected from other elements of the camp despite a little bit more involvement from indymedia in camp gatherings and other processes.

This year things have changed quite a bit - and not at all. The camp media(circus)team (which was previously part of the networking working group) is now a working group in its own right and consists of not just the media team but also the alt media provision - this time operating under the banner 'be the media'. Bringing it together should aid communication and the efficient flow of information with less duplication of effort and running back and forth.

(Speaking of working under the banner 'be the media', the huge banner used at the big green gathering last year is available. [photo] It needs collecting from the chiswick area of west london or it will go up to manchester and can come back down with the manchester neighborhood)

Previous media provision at similar events[edit]