Bookfair 2011

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Talk at the bookfair[edit]

HacktionLab has been invited by Bristol Indymedia to do a spot at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair.

Mike H and Ben G will (re)present

We're billed thus

UK tech activist collective discuss issues around security and privacy whilst doing activism on the internet and present their booklet 'Tech Tools for Activists' aimed at non-techs.  Copies of the booklet will also be available for free or a donation

Here's the programme:

Content[edit] (10-15mins)[edit]

In light of the recent Facebook group shutdowns - - such as for the Bookfair itself in which many groups were removed, the is a site set-up to provide an trusted blogging platform for activist groups. It runs on the open source Wordpress software on activist run servers and at the time of writing has recently put up the 50th blogging site.

We present and briefly outline the practical real-world issues with relying on corporate provided services such as Facebook for political activism and discuss what alternatives there are.

Sending email securely (20-25mins)[edit]

A short demonstration of using PGP encryption with the open source GNUPG software. How is it possible to use this with software such as Thunderbird, or even with your webmail account (we used, which runs on Horde) to send encrypted messages to people and also to be able to digitally sign your messages to prove their authenticity.

A quick discussion of activist mail providers, such

TAILS (5-10 mins)[edit]

Spontaneous inserted, we had a look at TAILS: it's secure Linux on a stick, for the discerning and paranoid activist on the move/run.

Tech Tools for Activists (10mins)[edit]

An introduction to the HacktionLab produced booklet and invites for contributions and help towards making the next edition.

BarnCamp 2011 (10mins)[edit]

A bit of a History of HacktionLab and an introduction to BarnCamp and BarnCamp 2011 in particular, what it's all about, how to get involved and how to book tickets to come.