Barncamp 2010 planning

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Target Groups[edit]

Wording of call-out[edit]

To be decided


Nobody wants to exclude young people or their parents, but if kids are disrupting the workshop, their parents need to take them out of the space. If several parents are present, one of them could volunteer to facilitate a kids' space. Nobody present at the meeting was planning on bringing kids, so nobody was allocated to this role.

Date & location[edit]

  • 11-13 June 2010
  • Highbury farm - Redbrook - Wye Valley

  • any alternatives? discussed and discounted 2


  • £31 per person, including food and camping
  • Deposit must be paid in advance to book a place

Maximum participants: 60


We agreed that everyone who comes to the event should expect to contribute work during the event, but we need some coordinators to make sure that delegation happens when spontaneity falls short.

Job Volunteer co-ordinator Other volunteers
Production manager/s (preferably one per day?) Mike H + Mark R
Spaces coordinator Ben G
Facilities Acesabe, (ProTag)
Promotion Everyone!
Meeters & greeters JimDog, Llanos
Finance & Bookings Mike H
Kitchen Becky and John
Ents JimDog
Bar J Freeman Llanos
Workshop coordinator Mick Fuzz
Site management Woodsy, (ProTag)
Childcare coordinator volunteer needed

Volunteering assisstance[edit]


  • The Barn - one workshop space
  • John's Marquee - 20'x30' - second workshop space - 4-6 to erect
  • Bristol Wireless tent - 6mx4m - Kitchen - 4-6 to erect


The Highbury Farm page with transport details on has been updated to refer to this year's event. I've also created a new Liftshare page --MaRk 00:21, 21 April 2010 (UTC)


Please put down your suggestions here. All are welcome. But you might be asked to collaborate with other people to fit everything in.

BarnCamp 2010 Workshops



Probably infrastrucure starts to appear on site


Evening: campfire, bar open, etc.


  • 10-11 plenary
  • 11-13 workshops
  • 13-15 lunch
  • 15-18 workshops


  • 12-14 workshops
  • 14-15 plenary

Total=7h x 2 spaces = 14h workshops

Workshop Timetable[edit]

This is provisional, just so we have something before the event and to look at ideas. For more details about each workshop, visit our workshops page.

Time Barn Marquee Elsewhere
Sat 11-12 Dual Boot Linux Undercurrents CJ Network
Sat 12-13 Open BarnCamp Email Security
Sat 15-16:30 Open BarnCamp Audio Editing
Sat 16:30-18 Synfig (1+1/2 hours) 12v Open BarnCamp
Sat Evening Extra Radio show Food Forage
Sun 12-13 Open BarnCamp Undercurrents CJ Hands On
Sun 13-14 Scribus Open BarnCamp

The Clash[edit]

names (participants) 12v (30) citizen (17) DTP (12) email (15) food (25) synfig (10)
12v (30) X 13 8 11 21 6
citizen (17) 13 X 6 6 12 5
DTP (12) 8 6 X 5 5 6
email (15) 11 6 5 X 10 2
food (25) 21 12 5 10 X 5
synfig (10) 6 5 6 2 5 X