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We'll be organising a group bike ride from Bristol Temple Meads or Chepstow (you can choose) on Thursday afternoon, depending on the number of people.

Thrusday afternoon: Meeting in Bristol Temple Meads at 2:30 pm we'll be getting the train to Severn Beach at 3:15. We'll start the ride in Severn Beach just before 4pm. If coming from chepstow make sure you are there about 5:30 so make sure you are there before that time cause we will not be able to wait for people.

Riding up the Severn estuary on a cycling national route (very safe) then crossing the Bristol channel on the M40 bridge (again very safe and extremely scenic) and getting to Chepstow where we can collect anyone if people prefer to start from there.

After Chepstow we will get the A466 up all the way to Redbrook. This road is not a national cycling route but it is not too busy. The ride has stunning views, it starts with an ascension to reach the Wye Valley, then a soft way down and then a relatively flat ride along the valley. The last few miles are done off road on an old railway line (which I couldn't include on the map cause it's not recognised by any of them).

The route is 21 miles from Seven Bridge. According to the maps we should be able to do it 2 1/2 hours, riding in group is slower and we'll probably be stopping lots and taking it easy so let's say we'll be up in Redbrook for dinner. Here are some links to different maps with the route to get an idea:

  • GPSies - You can see profile (in feet so don't panic). General route.
  • CycleStreets - Please choose "Fastest Route" tab, includes profile as well.
  • GoogleMaps - This is probably the most accurate of all as it includes the national route by the estuary but it finishes slightly before as the old railway is not recognise as a cycling path.

We should be able to ride all together but if the number is high then we can split in 2 groups. There might be a possibility to have a support car to take heavy load up but I cannot guaranty that yet.

Below there's some general guidelines:

  • Have your bike checked before you leave home - Make sure bike is in top condition.
  • Don't carry to much heigh. For a weekend camping including tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, boots etc you shouldn't carrying any more than 15 kg. There'll be food up there so you just need to carry the basics. I'll try to get a support car to take tends and heavy stuff but not confirmed yet. I'll be carrying some basic tools in case something happens so you don't have to.
  • Make sure your equipment is safety attached to the bike, panniers are ideal but if you don't have them then use bungees to attach bag. Back packs aren't recommended as make the ride more difficult and tiring.
  • Don't do it if you don't feel well that day or the days before, unless you are sure you are able to finish it.
  • Have a bottle of water and plenty of snacks to keep you going. Better not do eat huge meals right before leaving but we need to eat and drink plenty on the way. Nuts, dried and fresh fruit small sandwiches etc are ideal.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and have a jumper handy in case it gets cold. Include a waterproof jacket in the handy clothes.

I'll send an email out asking who's up for it to get an idea of numbers closer to the date.