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This is an example of how an article should appear, both in terms of content and wiki markup (though not the length of the sections).

Cooking and Eating Eggs[edit]

Bulleted intro[edit]

In this chapter you will learn;

  • Eggs are full of goodness but there are some ethical issues
  • How to locate rescue chickens
  • how to build and maintain an ethical rescue chickens farm

real life story[edit]

Ben was in the kitchen, and thought about how his housemates, though vegan, did do the skips now and again. He wondered if they had any eggs in the fridge. He got there but then realized he didn't know much about the issues associated with eggs. Together with his housemates, he learnt about the sensible and considered rescue and rehabilitation of chickens who are battery farmed for their eggs and how they can become free range hens and produce free range eggs. They are networking with other rescue chicken farms to create their own.

why is this an issue & what you can do[edit]

Egg white have a protein called albumin in whilst the white itself is called the albumen. When heated this become firm and white, heating will also kill off some harmful bacteria. The yolk of an egg has a full complement of the amino acids used to make proteins in animal bodies, plus a lot of heart clogging fat.

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In essence, gently drop one into boiling water for 3minutes for a runny yolk and hard white. Longer and the yolk will begin to set too.

what next (find out more & how to do it)[edit]

To really know about egg science, you need in depth reading, these articles should point the way.