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To use this noticeboard, you first need to create an account on this wiki, using the link on the top-right of the page. Then edit this page to write your lift offer or request. If someone accepts you offer or answers your request, remember to edit this page so people know you're sorted.

You need to tell people how to get in touch with you but remember, this page is visible to the world so don't write your home address or anything else you want kept private. If you don't want to reveal your email address, set your user preferences to allow people to contact you through this site. If you want to contact someone in this way, look in the "history" tab to see which user has written what you're interested in and click their name in the list of edits. You should then see "Email this user" in the "toolbox" in the left column of the page.

Lifts Offered[edit]

1. Coming from: Leeds

Arriving at BarnCamp: Thursday 1300h

Leaving Barncamp: Monday 1400h

Space for: 3 people & modest kit

Contact: Special:EmailUser/MaRk

2. Coming from: Bristol

Arriving at BarnCamp: Friday 7-30-ish

Leaving Barncamp: Probably sun night maybe early monday morning

Space for: 2 people & modest kit


3. Coming from: (insert your offer here...)

Lifts Requested[edit]

If nobody has offered a lift that suits you yet, write here using the same format but with "space needed" instead of "space for"

1. Coming from: LONDON

Arriving at BarnCamp: Thursday/Friday

Leaving Barncamp: In time for work on Monday

Space for: 2+ (as many as 5 if possible)


PS: We'll gladly pitch in for petrol and bring snacks for the road etc.

2. Coming from: BRISTOL

Arriving at BarnCamp: Friday eve or Saturday morning

Leaving Barncamp: Already have a lift back

Space for: 1 with only a little bag as her things are being taken by someone else.

Contact: llanosnunez at

PS: This lift is for Rocio who's gonna look after the kids so better get her there!