BarnCamp 2010 Checklist

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List of items to bring

Item Number What area is it for? Where is it now? Who's bringing it When by Notes
Ben's legs 2 Ben's trouseers Ben's trouseers Ben 9th June 2010
Felling axe 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Hatchet 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Tarpaulin 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
BW Tarpaulin 1 Marquee area HH Woodsy 9th June 2010
Signage enough where needed not made yet Woodsy 9th June 2010
Toolkit 1 ?? ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Bales of Straw 20 Barn and Fire pit ?? ?? local source Woodsy to ask Becky
LTSP suite 1 Barn Bristol HH Mike H 9th June 2010 Needs looking at