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Tech Tools for Activism is a 32 page booklet produced by members of the HacktionLab collective. It has been designed for activists who are not techies. The brand new 2nd edition of this booklet was released in October 2012.

Tech Tools for Activism is available for a recommended donation of £1. Look at for copies of the booklet in your local community or social centre, including:

  • London
    • LARC
  • Oxford
    • OARC / East Oxford Community Centre
  • Bristol
    • Bristol Wireless
    • Kebele
    • Cube Microplex

For more information about the booklet and how to order copies head on over to the Tech Tools for Activism web site.

The booklet is a work in progress and you can view the latest version on-line at and get involved by joining our Mailing List.

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