Winter 2014 Hacklab

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Winter 2014 HacktionLab gathering
1 in 12 Club, 21-23 Albion Street, Bradford, BD1 2LY map
Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November 2014 (arriving Friday evening or Saturday morning). Prism and the Dark Side of the Net Encryption Clinic from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday and open to anyone.
Recommended donation for the weekend is £10 to £20 or whatever you can afford.
There should be some meals available from the 1in12's café during the event; Saturday night meal out in Bradford.

If you're planning on coming and fancy letting us know of your dietary requirements, add your name to this list. To get involved in the next HacktionLab or future gatherings get in touch via the mailing list.

Live updates: Saturday

11:06 -- We are just putting the agenda together now
11:12 -- We're looking at the timetable and prioritising tasks
11:17 -- We're talking about the 1in12 safer spaces policy and event practicalities
11:30 -- We're just about to start. First session in 5 minutes
11:45 -- Starting th network23 session
12:13 -- Wrapping up the n23 session and starting to talk about moving off whingedoze 
         xp to the free world of GNU/Linux
12:15 -- Session notes:
         Linux Mint is nice, but difficult to upgrade to new release; If people are 
         running xp you need to ask yourself is the hardware any good; options on 
         low power hardware: LXDE, XFCE. We don't like Gnome3; Chrome has flash built in,
         but flash is probably doomed in the next few years. XP will soon stop supporting 
         crypto. Old Macs (ie. g5) will be useless too (try yellowdog linux?). 
         Bitfixer caff in Sheffield is good to be in touch with about these issues. Also 
         access space. Debian has per-window manager distros (or look in advanced). We could have 
         a "memory bank" of free RAM.
12:38 -- Starting out the Weaving our own web/TTFA session
         AP: email back and ask if the code will be FLOSS.
         AP: Not really energy for doing a workshop, but some people will go along.
13:01 -- TTFA discussion. is great. Should we just redirect our tutes to there?
13:33 -- Breaking for lunch

The agenda

Here's a pic of the agenda:


Time table



Quiet night drinking (don't get too drunk - we start early on Saturday morning!)



09:30 Introduction to the weekend / Ground Rules / What have we been up to / What are we planning on doing in the near future ?

10:00 Introduction to Open Space sessions

10:30 BREAK (20 minutes)

10:50 Open Space Session 1

11:55 Open Space Session 1 continued / Open Space Session 2

13:00 LUNCH (60 minutes)

14:00 Prism and the Dark Side of the Net - Discussion, Workshop and Hands-on Clinic.

18:00 Finish / evening activities....


10:00 Open Space Session 3

11:15 Break (20 minutes)

11:35 Open Space Session 4

13:00 LUNCH (60 minutes)

14:00 Summary / feedback / goodbye session

15:00 Finish

Open Space Session ideas

Here are some ideas we've had already. Please contribute gender ideas here, or bounch them around on the Mailing List.

  1. Privacy Workshop - talk on recent events and then workshop on getting GPG, Tor, I2P, Tails, etc up and running.
  2. Let's hack the 1in12's web site into shape
  3. Left tech - there's a lot of left-behind tech kicking around at the 1in12. Is it any user? What's it for? Has someone a use for it?
  4. Choosing a hosting provider.
    1. Sharing session on experiences with different hosting providers, both commercial and community, across different legal jurisdictions
  5. Hardening your web server and email server security: Cipher selection under TLS for various protocols
    1. For web servers
    3. Can we forget Windows XP yet ?
  6. Verifying certificates on SMTP transports with exim/postfix
    1. How do you know that your email is delivered to the recipient you think it was without tampering ? STARTTLS can encrypt email in transit, but to whom!
  7. GPG
    1. Yes the keysigning
    2. "how to use gpg like a pro" AKA
  8. Use of schleuder ( a gpg remailer )
    1. Schleuder is a gpg mailing list software that can act as a remailer and contact front for a group of people. It uses GPG to secure messages internally and can be configured for a number of uses cases such as
      1. Secure internal communications
      2. anonymising communications from internal parties to external ones.
  9. Working with Transition Towns
    1. Models of social intervention
    2. Discussing people's use of ICT
      1. analysing communication needs, contrary to primitivism
      2. splitting utility from commodity, contrary to capitalism
    3. Life-cycle assessment for greener tech
    4. Hacking for resilience
  10. BarnCamp 2015 planning and ideas

Here's where we'll post the agenda/minutes during the event live as they unfold

Are you coming?

The lovely people at the 1 in 12 club need to have a rough estimate of numbers so they buy enough carrots and other food to go round. There's a table here that you can use to reserve your carrot.