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HacktionLab is UK tech-activist run project that aims to create regular convergence spaces where activists interested and/or working in the areas of alternative media, renewable energy, on-line video distribution, free software or any other form of activism that utilises technology can get together and plan how to better harness the technology (or not) to support grass roots social movements. HacktionLab is also working to create a roadshow of outreach workshops and discussion spaces that can be run alone or as part of a larger event.

HacktionLab runs the successful BarnCamp event a rural skills-sharing gathering.

HacktionLab latest

Visit this page for more details of and links to all our previous events and collaborations.

  • There are plans afoot for a Spring/Summer HacktionLab to be held in May or June 2012 at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) and possibly other spaces in London. Watch this space for more details.
  • We also have proposals on the table for two larger urban media and tech activist gatherings to be held in Oxford in the autumn and Manchester early next year.

  • In January 2012 we returned to the brilliant 1-in-12 Club (Bradford) for the third time and the tenth HacktionLab, a gathering of people from various projects that featured a Drupal clinic, and launched Tech Tools for Activism, a new project to provide a co-ordinated gateway into resources for activists in the UK. More on this very soon....
  • There was a gathering of projects involved with HacktionLab in Manchester on the 17th and 18th of September 2011: our ninth gathering at Hacktionlab Manchester 2011.
  • Plans are a foot - or more correctly we have plans to use our feet. Hacktionlab on the Road is in the works. It's possible that there won't be a Barncamp 2012, but that Hacktionlab will concentrate on being present at other peoples festivals. The Green Gathering, Shambala and some smaller activist gatherings have been suggested for the 2011/2012 tour. We've already approach some organizers and got very positive feedback, but we're a bit late for this years festy season. If on the other hand you do want Barncamp 2012 to go ahead, you should step up to the plate: join the mailing list and declare your intent.
  • Finally various local HacktionLab collectives are the throes of organising workshop events in their local areas. Get on the list and get in touch if you're interested in organising, giving or attending a workshop.

Contact Details

Nearly all proposals, discussions and news takes place on our (old fashioned) Mailing List. This is the best place to get in touch:

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