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STOP PRESS: The main landing page for version 2 of the booklet is at the Tech Tools for Activism Web site

The second Hacktionlab tech tools project. These minutes from Hacklab Manchester 2011 contain some of the results of the discussion there.


Resource List[edit]

Participants List[edit]

  • Co-ordinator/slave driver (Ben G)
  • Illustrator
    • Penguin: spoken to an artist and a graphic designer - both up for doing some illustrations / designs / cartoons. Yay! Have suggested they hold off until we make more progress on the content.
  • Design Consultant

First IRC Meeting[edit]

IRC logs for TTFA2 meeting

  • Sorting out how links to web documentation. (MH)
  • Review of current quality levels. (BG)
  • Agree / restate what the target audience is for TTfA (penguin)
  • Agree / restate what we are trying to convey (e.g. why to do something, how do do something) (penguin)
  • Should each article have a common structure? If so, what? (penguin)
  • Should there be more kittens in the booklet? (tabby)
  • Develop task list to move forward & assign roles as far as possible (penguin)

Second IRC Meeting[edit]

IRC logs for TTFA2 meeting 2

This was a meeting between 3 of us meant as a brief precursor to the Booksprint at the end of May, but some important decisions were made:

  • We should no longer use Booki as it is very unpopular for editing and use mediawiki (on this site) to edit Ben Green will prepare some ground rules
  • Mick requests that by way of a booki post mortem we write to the developers and say why we are not using it, please add comments on why we are not using booki for TTFA2
  • This book sprint will be bring a non-techy friend - we will make sure they get us to write in a non-tech friendly way, their understanding of our text is to be our gold standard - get your persuading out and get someone to come with you. You may wish to bribe them, some suggestions are: the illusion of kudos, cake, badges, mini-internship for your CV
  • We also need good proof readers, same deal applies
  • Penguin will sort crash space for the booksprint
  • the booksprint will be at the end of May: Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th May (plus Monday if we want)
  • People are welcome to sort other stuff for the sprint let us know
  • The sprint will be at the end of May
  • editors could work form home on the booksprint days - giving us extra-venue support
  • something about raveoke

TTFA 2[edit]

TTFA2 - don't edit anything yet, under construction by Ben Green

Cover versions[edit]

TechToolsColourSmall.JPG TechTools2Colour.png