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The second Hacktionlab tech tools project. These minutes from Hacklab Manchester 2011 contain some of the results of the discussion there.

ToDo list

  • Decided on a new format/style guide (IRC meeting)
  • Make a resources list
  • Make a participants list
  • write up workflow plan (Ben G)
  • Organize IRC meeting (Ben G)
  • Enhance the Style Guide
  • Go through and check your own original contribtions - take out what you think isn't relelvant. Link out to more information and reduce the word count. (can we have a meeting about style and aims before we do this? Ben Green 20th Sep 2011)

Resource List

Resources we can link out to

Booki Developer Interaction

IRC interaction is recommended and happens at:

channel: #flossmanuals

Participants List

  • Co-ordinator/slave driver (Ben G)
  • Illustrator
    • Penguin: spoken to an artist and a graphic designer - both up for doing some illustrations / designs / cartoons. Yay! Have suggested they hold off until we make more progress on the content.
  • Design Consultant

First IRC Meeting Agenda

This meeting is to happen some time in late November 2011 - to be decided by poll.

  • Sorting out how links to web documentation. (MH)
  • Review of current quality levels. (BG)
  • Agree / restate what the target audience is for TTfA (penguin)
  • Agree / restate what we are trying to convey (e.g. why to do something, how do do something) (penguin)
  • Should each article have a common structure? If so, what? (penguin)
  • Should there be more kittens in the booklet? (tabby)
  • Develop task list to move forward & assign roles as far as possible (penguin)

Content Review

Please tag any comments and suggestions as your own.

We should remove the user journeys, this was pretty much agreed at the Manchester meet up. (BenG) We should replace them with popout info boxes. (BenG)

Secure Communication

An Introduction to this Booklet

Browsing the Internet anonymously

Hiding Stuff on your Computer

Organising Online

Securing your Email

How to get pages removed from Google Cache

Using Open and Decentralised Services

Free as in Freedom

Secure Updates using

Publishing your News

Blogging Anonymously

Creating our own Media

Uploading Media to the Internet

Green Computing

This is a a title section with no contents, why? (BenG)

Further information and links

The Author