Talk:Tech Tactics for Social Change Oxford 2017

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Held @ Hackspace. Notes:

'Angle' for the event

  • Agreed wording 'tech tactics for social change'; presented by OxHack & Hacktionlab
  • Bring in wider campaign/activist groups - not just tech fetishism

Proposed themes

Agreed to theme the event around 4 or so 'strands' which will be social issues/campaigns. All technical tools discussed should link into these strands (starting from 'why do we care' then going to 'how' with specific tactics/tools).

Proposed themes:

  1. Eco-sustainability
    1. Food (Sesi folks?)
    2. recycling, re-use
  2. Anti-burnout
    1. Eg
    2. Seeds for change?
    3. St Petersberg woman - Mike?
  3. Homelessness/ security in homes
  4. Refugees


  • Agreed to get a catered lunch in on Sat & Sun
  • ACTION: Mike & Alex to contact caterers to get a quote.
  • Saturday night dinner - pub? Or in-house entertainment with food in the space? TBC.
  • ACTION: Mike to ask Glynn about where is good for booking a table for 20-40 ppl.

Social activities

  • If having dinner in - acts/documentaries.
  • If we got out for dinner - we probably won't come back.

How to promote it

  • ACTION: EG & CH to look into making a separate promo web page which can be sent out to local groups
  • ACTION: Vale & Lauren to look into a RSVP system (OxHack are already using meetup) and to share on social media
  • ACTION: Vale is looking into possibility of making t-shirts

Programme for the event

  • Agreed start at 9:30 for 10:30 in the morning
  • Total of 10 workshop slots of 30-45 minutes with 15 min gaps in between each one (6 slots on Saturday plus 4 on Sunday due to early finish)