Spring 2012 Hacklab

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A weekend gathering in London to look at projects, software, workshops and campaigns which have a link to the Hacktionlab network.

Where is it?


The London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES. Map - https://imc.li/v3il0

Contact and Planning

If you are either thinking about or definitely planning on coming to this event, please let us know by emailing hl2012-at-aktivix-dot-org. There is a limit on the numbers who are able to come and we cannot guarantee that there will still be space if you just turn up on the day (although we will try our best to accommodate you).

Additionally, please let us know if you need help finding somewhere to stay while you are in London. It is not possible to sleep at LARC, but there are plenty of alternatives available.

Although it is fine to turn up on the day and run a session, we encourage you to get in contact beforehand to see if anyone on the list can help or suggest collaboration.

Most of our planning is done on the HacktionLab email list which you can sign up for by following the link here https://techtoolsforactivism.org/projects or directly at https://lists.aktivix.org/mailman/listinfo/hacktionlab

If you want to contact the organisers privately you can send an email to hl2012-at-aktivix-dot-org

An emergency phone number for those lost on the way to the venue will be available closer to the time of the event.


We are discussing the format on the HacktionLab email list

Spring HacktionLab 2012 London Low Down

Come play with technology. We'll learn and share how to make it work for us!

HacktionLabs are learning spaces to experiment and share knowledge. This event is organised by a network of people with a focus on using communications and information technology in the name of social justice.

The Spring 2012 HacktionLab in London is a weekend of workshops and discussions with an open invite to all.

The focus of the event is on Free Software, alternative media production and fighting to protect our digital freedoms. This event also features the launch of our new website, Tech Tools for Activism, so please do have a look at that: http://techtoolsforactivism.org

Friday, 4th May

Friday Night 7pm onwards – Welcome night – Social and Film Screening

Come meet other participants at this free video & music show and social event.

Includes launch party for Tech Tools for Activism. Expect the unexpected!

Saturday, 5th May

Saturday 10am - 6pm - Workshops & Discussion

Saturday is aimed at all levels of computer knowledge. The agenda for the day will be set in the morning, based upon who is there and what people want to do. This is a day to embrace the most user friendly side of Free Software. No prior knowledge of tools is assumed and workshops are encouraged to be introductory, accessible and immediately practical to all.

You are welcome to get in touch to make sure the right resources are available if you want to deliver a session. See the contact section below.

Some sessions are pre-planned by the organisers. These include how to:

If you would like to add another please suggest it to the Hacktionlab mailing list.

Sunday, 6th May

Sunday 10/11am - 6pm - Workshops, Discussions and Hack sessions

Sunday is aimed to build on any needs and other areas of interest identified on Saturday. There are many projects that have grown out of the HacktionLab network including online radio streaming (catalystradio.org), anonymous blogging (network23.org) & Free Software advocacy and training (techtoolsforactivism.org). We shall also be taking HacktionLab on the road again this year and have some bookings for workshops at festivals; we will discuss how to take this forward.

These are all projects that would welcome your input. Or, maybe you have a project that you would like to get feedback on? In any case, this day is a chance to sit down and discuss existing and potential projects in depth. You will have the option to get cracking on and start collectively working on them. There will be more of an idea of the exact shape of how Sunday will be the end of the Saturday.