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A weekend gathering in London to look at projects, software, workshops and campaigns which have a link to the Hacktionlab network.


The London Action Resource Centre


Weekend of May 4-5-6 : ?- ?pm. This is the main working space time. There may be evening activities and events planned.


Details for registration to come

Food : Larc is 50 metres away from cheapest curry shop in the northern hemisphere. more info on food?

Cost will be limited to covering the cost of venue/s and transport for infrastructure. Estimated at ?? more info needed.

Accommodation: More info to come

HacktionLab London 2012 Agenda

HacktionLab is all about skills sharing on active project, information on how to get involved, planning sessions and information on new software . The event is open to all and has a focus on free software training and advocacy, grassroots internet projects.

Currently the following projects are involved and on the agenda:

  • getting the most out of your network23.org website

If you would like to add another please suggest it to the Hacktionlab mailing list.


We are discussing the format on the HacktionLab email list

Update on Tech Tools version 2

Update on Hacktionlab on tour 2012

Organising and getting workshops together - for a Tech Tour which showcases Free Software, Media activism and Training resources. How does this now link into Tech Tools for Activism project