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What happened?[edit]

Read the notes from the gathering


A weekend gathering in Manchester to look at projects that have come out of or which have a link to the Hacktionlab network.

This is happening at the same time as Hackamedia - a gathering of technologists, artists and hackers - and Free Software Day with events happening at Madlab in town.


The Yard Theatre Manchester (as seen on Mule TV)


Weekend of September 17th and 18th: 10 - 7pm. This is the main working space time. There are evening activities and events planned.


You can just turn up and introduce yourself on the day. However, it would be really helpful if you could register so that we can have an idea of accommodation and drinks and snacks needs. You can do that by adding yourself to the Manchester 2011 registration wiki page. You will need to yourself a wiki account to do this, but don't worry it doesn't hurt!

Food won't be provided and we'll be looking at going our for a cheap meal on sat night and relying on sandwich and fallafel shops.

Cost will be limited to covering the cost of venue/s and transport for infrastructure. Estimated at £10 for 2 days.

Accommodation: Hackademia are trying to get use of a local ex-youth club for accommodation. There are also people and coops that may be able to host people. A fair degree of notice would be good to sort this out for you. Please get in touch via that Hacktionlab mailing list if you can help find accommodation in Manchester.

HacktionLab Manchester 2011 Agenda[edit]

Breaking news - live agenda worked out here

This gathering is looking at projects that have come out of or which have a link to the Hacktionlab network. It's a working weekend with skills sharing about the project, information on how to get involved, planning sessions and software development. The event is open to all but you should be interested in working on free software training and advocacy, grassroots internet projects. Specifically anonymous blogs, internet radio, and a multi-media aggregation news website.

Currently the following projects are involved and on the agenda:

If you would like to add another please suggest it to the Hacktionlab mailing list.


The general format is an ongoing hacklab with problem solving and discussions happening as they occur.

Groups can also plan specific sessions which can be arranged in advance or at the beginning of the first day,

Break out working groups are encouraged. We'll find space for you if you want to work away from the crowd.

More info on Projects[edit]

The projects we are working on are open to others to join in. This description is aimed to give you an idea of what stage the project is at and what you may be able to do to get involved. All of the projects involve elements of getting organised, outreach and documentation so don't be put off if you don't have technical skills. If you like where these projects are coming from then there will be a way you can contribute.

More info on Tech Tools version 2[edit]

  • Version 1 is available here Tech tools for activists
  • What extra chapters do we want for version
  • Is there material from here we can adapt and include?

http://en.flossmanuals.net/bypassing-censorship/ch018_https-everywhere/ http://flossmanuals.net/basic-internet-security/

Hacktionlab on tour 2012[edit]

Organising and getting workshops together - for a Tech Tour which showcases Free Software, Media activism and Training resources

More info on Network 23[edit]

  • Outreach
  • Help/ Doc
  • Tips for Building sense of community
  • Publicity

More info on Catalyst Radio Network[edit]

  • How do we get more listeners?
  • How can we get people to collaborate
  • Training - do we want to do a training session on using Airtime and Catalyst website
  • Publicity - what kind of publicity do we want do do
  • Website -

More info on Be The Media[edit]

Decision making on design