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Dear Green Gathering organisers

We, the HacktionLab would like to join and contribute to the Green Gathering 2011.

Who are we?

HacktionLab was born to help the skill gap in technology seen in general in activism and in particular in the G8 Horizone Camp in 2005, the Climate Camps from 2006 to 2008 and the No Borders Camp in 2007. The idea was to start having skill shares so environmental activist would have the chance to fill the gaps in their technical/computer abilities. Since them we have been gathering few times a year all over the country to do workshops and from it very good projects have been born. To learn more about us please visit our wiki:


What do we do?

We specialise in computers and other technical activities such us internet media (video, blogs, radio...), low power DIY solutions, non corporate internet services, etc.. We have offered workshops in very varied subjects from Ecological and Social Costs of IT Hardware, to Renewable energy and 12 volt, DIY LEDs, solar power panels, email security, different internet tools, DIY radio, phone communication and tools... For the Green Gathering we would like to focus the workshops or talks to very specific environmental subjects. For more information on what workshops we could potentially offer:



How can we contribute to the success of Green Gathering?

After the success of many different gatherings (Barncamp2010 and Barncamp2011 in particular) we have recently been looking to have a road show and join some other events or groups to contribute, work along with them offering our knowledge and experience. We think the Green Gathering would be the prefect place to start. We can contribute to the Green Gathering in few different ways:

  • We have a low power mobile internet suite we can bring to the festival so people can access the internet. (The internet suite belongs to Bristol Wireless which some members are involved with the HacktionLab, all of them have been in previous Big Green Gatherings in the past.)
  • We can also offer to deliver many of the workshops mentioned above.

How can we do it?

We can offer the low power internet suite and deliver few interesting workshops. Since we are not a running business we would not be able to pay the fee or the tickets of the crew unfortunately. To provide daily 7 hours of internet access and 2/3 workshops in different subjects a day we would need about 12 to 15 people on site and a space for the tend. We are happy to negotiate this of course.

At this point we all have lots of questions and things to clarify. If we are going to reach an agreement and go ahead below are some of our initial questions:

  • Do you have a internet connection on site we could connect to or should we bring our satellite internet dish?
  • Would we have to cater for our own power needs? We have access to solar panels and potentially we could be power independent but as our requirements are high it'd be good to know if there'd any power access on site.

Please get in touch for any questions or concerns you might have or to have a chat by phone as well if that makes things easier. My number is: 00000000

Looking forward to your answer. Cheers

The HacktionLab