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The workshop/discussion looked to explore what FLOSS options are available as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. The session ran for a couple of hours and surveyed a number of tools, use cases and issues to be considered.

The initial plan was to develop a set of recommendations that someone could adopt to begin on the road to leaving behind the corporates, things turn out a bit different than planned and instead it was more of a sketching of a number of use case scenarios.

Rough notes

The tools discussed were[edit]

The basic criteria for inclusion are that the systems are FLOSS, open standards and federated media, systems that don't look to exploit peoples' social graph.


About on the Techtools for Activism

Use cases[edit]
  1. An individual or organisation that doesn't want to have their personal data farmed or have advertising, but still want to stay in touch with friend on Facebook and Twitter.

Using a StatusNet account you can post on the micro-blogging site and the posts can appear on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally posts made on Twitter and Facebook will appear on your StatusNet account.

Example StatusNet site's where you can create or request an account are, (create an account) and (FOAF invite only).

First off we'll give the example of using as this an up-to-date install of StatusNet.

To connect to Twitter and Facebook you'll need your user name and passwords, as well as access to your email so you can get your new account authorisations.

  1. Step one create an account on
  1. An organisation running its own social network that then connects out to FB and TWitter
  2. Anonomised Twitter and FB: TOR > > twitter - facebook
  3. Anonomised Twitter and FB: Anon Wordpress > > twitter - facebook

StatusNet Android App[edit]

mustard android app for StatusNet




Pirate Social[edit] UK








gnu-net - P2P file sharing


Lorea[edit] - Lorea



Crabgrass -

GNU Social[edit]

XMPP federated chat services[edit]


Use case[edit]

1. anon campaigner

2. not being farmed

3. totally private

Stop being farmed[edit]

Three things to stop your social graph being farmed, while keeping a mobile phone and a facebook account

Example of being farmed

devils in the detail campaign - UK

1. Dont be tracked

2. work towards not using FB - start using: wordpress, identica, crabgrass, email, wiki

3. ??

Lost and found[edit] - photo metadata stripping


Reading and ideas[edit]

Federated chat servers XMPP