Bradford 2010 Audio

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Notes from radio workshop in Bradford November 2010


An automated webstream or mp3 files scheduler that can be accessed remotely

Would be great to have a public face so people can see more than the next show.

No real replacement.

v. Podcasting

Stream has appropriate shows for the time of day More fun to do a live stream? Live feedback

iTunes controlled via VNC remote desktop control

Command line play list

VLC scheduling ...

  1. Enable Telnet interface in VLC - View > Add interface > Telnet interface
  2. Start Telnet session
telnet localhost 4212

(the default password is probably admin)

  1. Telnet commands:
new hackstream1 broadcast enabled input
new hackstream2 broadcast enabled input
new hacktion1_start schedule enabled date 2010/11/20-16:24:00 append control hackstream1 play
new hacktion2_start schedule enabled date 2010/11/20-16:25:00 append control hackstream2 play
new hacktion2_stop schedule enabled date 2010/11/20-16:26:00 append control hackstream2 stop
new hacktion1_stop schedule enabled date 2010/11/20-16:28:00 append control hackstream1 stop


create playlists showcasing radical shows in english language

Notes Pure data can gate between playlists and streams.