Big Green Gathering 2009

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Crew Information

If you're on the crew for this event, please read the following information:

Where we are

Firstly, we will be located in the Campaigns field next to the Green Forum. An up to date site map is here that you can download and print. And in case you've forgotten this is what we are doing there

Wrist bands and getting in

If we had your address, you should have been sent your wrist band already. If we didn't then your wrist band will be on site with the person that you arranged coming with. We have a phone number (Vodafone) that you should call a few hours before you arrive if you need to pick up your wrist band on site. The number is 0777 632 6315.

Getting there

To get to the Big Green, refer to the information on the Big Green's web site. If you are looking to lift share (either in need or offering) then join up to the cybertent mailing list and put a should out.

Crew food down payment

We are asking all crew that will be with us for 4 or more days and would like to eat in our crew kitchen to pay just twenty pounds. You can do that via PayPal at this web page. If you want to pay via a bank transfer, please text 07811 671 893 for the account details.

Let us know when you'll arrive

Finally, it's really handy to know who's going to arrive and when, so please add yourself to the grid on this page (if you wish to remain anonymous use an alias ;))

On-site contact number for crew:
0777 632 6315
Please save this number in your phone to ring if you have problems getting in