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== Example Entry ==
See this page for an [[Example Barncamp Workshop Entry]].
;Proposed by: Exampley Mc Exampleface
;Time: 3-4 years
;Level: Some experience of using a wiki required
;Resources: Laptop and 10 mice, USB hub (10 port)
;Number: up to 10 people all huddled round a laptop and USB hub with 10 mice in it
You will learn how to make generic fictional entries into wiki pages, demostrating the format of the page expected, together with some humour. You will also use bullet points to:
* show how bullet points are used in Mediawiki
* add some much needed recursive self reference
* make friends
You'll then finish off your description with how exciting workshop will be, or with an uncomfortable orphan sentence type paragraph.
This is the end of the example.
==Avoiding paywalls to access academic research publications==
==Avoiding paywalls to access academic research publications==

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See this page for an Example Barncamp Workshop Entry.

Avoiding paywalls to access academic research publications

Proposed by
1-2 hours
Ability to use Tor Browser
Projector and screen. All participants to provide own laptop
5-10 people

You will:

  • Explore some of the free repositories of scientific publications on the internet
    • sci-hub
    • libgen
  • and tools like unpaywall
  • discuss different ideas about ownership, propriety and freedom of information
  • remember Aaron Swartz and some of the other people who have made this possible
  • Could we set up a live link (or similar) with Alexandra Elbakyan to express our appreciation?
  • if time permits, discuss how to carry out a systematic literature review using these resources

Ensuring Public Accountability Using Blockchain Technology

Proposed by
Darren Rhodes
To be announced
Anyone interested in politics and computing science. Anyone with political experience that they could share.
People with the technical skill to talk about block chain and the feasibility of the proposed project.: People with the political experience to suggest ways of campaigning to make this happen.
Anyone who wishes to attend.

You will:

Here is where I need your suggestions as to how this should be done ...

  • This is an initial call for expressions of interest.
  • If you can contribute to this proposed discussion, please do so via this wiki.
  • If you know someone who you think may be able to make a contribution, please forward this part of the wiki to them.
  • If there is sufficient interest ... see you in Wales.
  • Local Council Accounts are available for inspection for two months in the year after they have been finalised by the local authority in question. The National Audit Office supplies a Rights Guide to Local Authority Accounts [pdf]detailing who has the right to inspect the accounts and what to expect.
  • I think that by using blockchain technology we could produce access to local authority accounts in real time for anyone in the world. This transparency could and should be extended to other parts of public spending.

Scuttlebutt install fest

Proposed by
1 hour
Bring your own device - Mac/ Win/ Nix / Android (No iPhone client yet)
up to 10 people all huddled round a couple of laptops

You will learn how to install a Scuttlebutt client on your phone or laptop https://www.scuttlebutt.nz/