BarnCamp 2019 DraftEmails

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In the last few weeks before BC2019 we'll need to send out a few emails. Here we can draft them together, to make sure we don't forget anything, and all our messages are consistent.

Collective panic email!!!![edit]

OK folks we need to really get our act together. This evening's Jitsi was a bit low on turnout. Next week, Tuesday 11th will probably be our last online meeting before the event, so let's get things fixed!

We need feedback from people who have taken on tasks but not fed back...

Pint glasses- Sean?

Mike D - not paid, not been to Jitsi meetings, what's up dude?

Farm still need to confirm they have ethernet cable

Farm still need to sort out somewhere for Mark with his bad back to sleep now caravans are dead

Registrations 23, Paid 14, any more publicity???

3-phase connectors, who's getting them from Mike? If not already arranged, need to put a call out. Could maybe include picking up the shower tent & sprayer if Mike H has still got that

Who's bringing the PA?

Message to announce registration deadline[edit]


Subject: Deadline to register for barncamp - FINAL REMINDER

When: June 2nd

Dear Hacktionlab,

BarnCamp2019 is looking good, with plenty of cool ideas for workshops being developed:

We need to know soon how many people are coming so we get the right amount of food & drink ordered. That means if you want to come, you absolutely have to register on before midnight on June 9th. That's only a week away - do it now before you forget at

Then we have a second important deadline, which is the cut-off for electronic payments. If you don't pay by BACS before June 17th, you'll have to pay cash on arrival, a minimum of £45. It would be really helpful to us if you could pay electronically as soon as you register.

Thanks all,

Your BarnCamp2019 collective.

Message to people who've registered but not paid yet[edit]

To: list of non-payees generated from signup site

When: June 4th & June 13th

Hi, we're very pleased that you want to come to BarnCamp2019, and we can see that you've registered but not paid yet. If you could pay electronically, ASAP, that would help us greatly as we need to pay for some things before the event.

The final deadline to pay electronically is June 17th. If your money isn't in our account on the morning of 18th, we will have to charge you a minimum of £45 cash when you arrive. Do not try to pay electronically after 17th as we won't have a record of it when you arrive and you'll have to pay twice. Also, make sure that when you make your electronic payment you quote the 6-digit reference code you were given when you registered, otherwise we won't know that it's you, and we'll have to ask you to pay again on arrival.

Final message to all registered attendees[edit]

To: list of all registered, from sign-up site

When: June 17th

Reminders of:

  • travel details (wiki link)
  • contact details including phone number (07392924454), will be live from Wednesday PM
  • last-minute things you need to bring, e.g. your own plate etc. if we don't have any
  • bring plenty of change for the bar
  • we have no way of accepting anything other than cash payments on site
  • camping essentials
  • restrictions: no pets/animals, ask before recording/photographing