BarnCamp 2010 Checklist

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List of stuff to bring

Item Number What area is it for? Where is it now? Who's bringing it When by Notes
Ben's legs 2 Ben's trouseers Ben's trouseers Ben 9th June 2010
Felling axe 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Hatchet 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Tarpaulin 1 Fire area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
BW Tarpaulin 1 Marquee area ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Signage enough where needed ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Toolkit 1 ?? ?? Woodsy 9th June 2010
Bales of Straw 20 Barn and Fire pit ?? ?? ?? Woodsy to ask Becky
Seats 60 ?? ?? ?? ?? some are already there, woodsy to find out how many, possibly some in bails' garage which he could lend, make up the rest with straw bales