Autumn 2009 Hacklab

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Come to the Autumn edition of HacktionLab taking place in Bradford at the 1 in 12 Club on the 14th and 15th November.

The finalised agenda will be posted here soon. More information possibly at

If you're interested in coming and/or wish to get involved in the next HacktionLab or future gatherings get in touch via the mailing list.

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Agenda ideas[edit]

Note: these are by no means fixed!! They are just what has been skimmed off various emails on the list.

  1. introductory session at the start where we give a summary of what we've been up to this summer and what we have lined up in the immediate future, in the hope that some will overlap and there'll be some good roots for collaboration on stuff.
  2. code sprint
  3. penetration testing 101 session.
  4. cop15 coverage
  5. aggregation using drupal and hyperactive towards an inydmedia 2.0
  6. session on installing linux on old powerpc macs
  7. networking feedback
  8. pre-empting dissent: open-sourcing secrecy
  9. the perennial security roundup / encryption workshop
  10. server automation - puppet - aegir - drush
  11. VPN / TOR / Hiding your data.
  12. integrating twitter/trustmaps with mir/hyperactive

Of course, there will also be an opportunity to sign GPG keys and a reminder on the importance of good security! This will be a follow-on from the workshop in the summer hacktionlab - ideal for new and old timers alike! Other security topics covered could include ssh-keys (the whys and hows) and disk-encryption - laptops, servers or both? what does it mean for me??


This is a draft timetable. If you don't like it, change it! However, I thought it was better to have some kind of structure within which to work. A couple of points to note are that: workshops are 1 1/4 hours (75 minutes); they can take up two slots - with a break in the middle; and, there are lots of breaks! This is to allow for socialising, networking, and over-running workshops!



Quiet night drinking (don't get too drunk - we start early on Saturday morning!)



09:30 Introduction to the weekend / Ground Rules

10:00 Introductions / What have we been up to / What are we planning on doing in the near future ?

10:45 BREAK (30 minutes)

11:15 Workshop session 1.

12:30 LUNCH (90 minutes)

14:00 Workshop 2

15:15 BREAK (30 minutes)

15:45 Workshop 3

17:00 BREAK (15 minutes)

17:15 Summary of the day / feedback session

18:00 Finish / evening activities....


10:00 Workshop 4

11:15 Break (30 minutes)

11:45 Workshop 5

13:00 LUNCH (60 minutes)

14:00 Summary / feedback / goodbye session

15:00 Finish