Highbury Farm

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Highbury Farm, the location of BarnCamp 2019, is located in the Lower Wye Valley on a hill above the village of Redbrook, postcode NP25 4LX. Highbury Farm is actually located in Gloucestershire, although it should be in Gwent. The map grid reference is SO539092.

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BarnCamp 2019 will take place in different parts of the Farm:

  • The barn: plenaries, Workshop Space 1, indoor entertainment.
  • The gathering field: for camping, compost loo and very a stunning view up the Wye Valley towards Monmouth.
  • The upper field: Workshop Space 2 and the fire space.

About Highbury Farm[edit]

Highbury Farm is a vegetarian farm and the owners request that meat is not brought or cooked on site. There are two local pubs; The Bell Inn (English side of the river) and The Boat Inn, (Welsh side of the river) both within walking distance that serve the usual pub fare, The Boat being our recommendation as it also serves a good range of local ciders and has a fine outdoor space too. We've generally found the food at The Bell to be a bit better though.

The local shop also sells a good range of foods and snacks, beers/wines etc. so if you are allergic to Vegan food, you needn't starve.

As HIghbury Farm is a working farm, sadly animals are not allowed. No foraging for wood as it disturbs the woodland management plans. Firewood required will be provided by the farm / Banrcamp.


Mobile phone coverage is sketchy so you may wish to choose your network SIM carefully if being contactable by mobile is important to you, see the Highbury Farm Mobile Phone Coverage page. In short Vodafone is about the best, with EE being pretty bad but not the worst. Forget 3G or 4G: phone calls and text only. (Note: this was the state of mobile networking from 2017, it might well have changed).

Getting to Highbury Farm[edit]

Everyone will be responsible for organising their own transport to the location.

There are various routes up to the farm (as shown on the map below). Please try to use the most appropriate route:

  • GREEN ROUTE - pedestrians - it's a steep, but pleasant climb from the village up to the camp site and farm.
  • CYAN ROUTE - live-in vehicles. Also car parking unless very wet (please park in the village in this case). Please don't park too far into the field in case you get stuck.
  • RED ROUTE - for deliveries only. If you come up this way you'll then need to go back down and take the CYAN ROUTE.



By Car or other motorised vehicle[edit]

Firstly, for those of you with satnavs, the postcode is NP25 4LX.

Secondly, if you are driving and have a space in you vehicle, please take a look at the lift-shares for BarnCamp to see if there's anyone you can take with you or to offer lifts.

From Bristol the farm is about 30 miles, over the OLD Severn Bridge (M48) (not Second Severn Crossing M4) and then taking the A466 past Chepstow and about 13 miles up the Wye Valley. There is no longer a toll on the bridge.

Following the A466 from Chepstow, almost as soon as you see the Redbrook sign, there's a turning off to your front-right. You then follow the CYAN ROUTE up to the camping field. Please note when faced with a right or left turn follow the CYAN ROUTE and not the RED ROUTE (unless you are making a delivery to site).

Streetview of turn off (north bound) up Highbury Lane (?marked Coach Road?) from A466 to Barn Camp

The access to Highbury Farm by vehicle is somewhat difficult as it is situated up a steep hill in the valley. Most motor vehicles should ideally be left at the bottom of the hill rather than be taken up the track. For small vehicles, carrying the minimum of passengers would help. There is a decent (though steep) footpath up from the village to the farm, so leaving vehicle at bottom and walking up via the GREEN ROUTE is a reasonable option.

If you get lost/stuck or need to get in touch see the Contact page from telephone numbers and more, but bear in mind, if you're lost, you may be better off asking someone where you are for directions that someone somewhere else who doesn't know where you are! You get the picture.

Live-in Vehicles[edit]

If you have a live-in vehicle and wish to park in the camping field, then follow the CYAN ROUTE on the map above. Be warned that there is a very steep incline on this road and a hair-pin turn into the field, so don't try it if you're articulated, or driving a heavily laden old combi!

If you do intend to park your live-in vehicle in the field, please do not drive too far in, stay near to the entrance. Thank you.


If you are delivering some infrastructure stuff to the Barn, Farm or Upper Field, follow the RED ROUTE, make your drop-off and then head for the car-park and walk up, or follow the CYAN ROUTE to park your live-in vehicle, though you'll then have to heft your stuff up the rest of the hill to the Barn.

Lift sharing[edit]

If you are driving and have a space in you vehicle, or if you need a lift with someone else, take a look at our lift-shares for BarnCamp pad.

There's also Bla Bla Car where you might be able to find a lift off someone.

By Train, bus, bike and on foot[edit]

There are trains to Chepstow, check http://www.nationalrail.co.uk to find out times. The railway station is about 10 minutes walk from the Bus Station.

From Bristol you can also catch the First Bus Severn Express to Chepstow - PDF version of time-table here.

At Chepstow there is a bus service number 69 from Chepstow to Monmouth stopping at Redbrook village. Timetables listed on Monmouthshire Council's website as of May 2017:

Note: The last bus leaving Chepstow Bus Station Monday to Friday is 18:10 (6:10 PM) and Saturday even earlier at 17:40 (5:40PM).
For UK-wide public transport information, and updates about disruption, look at traveline

On on the bus, get off at the FIRST Redbrook stop coming from Chepstow (second stop if you're coming from Monmouth) at the Bell Inn, go round the road behind the Inn and follow the steps up and signs for Offa's Dyke Path, which is effectively the GREEN ROUTE up to the farm. If it's very wet then the RED ROUTE will be an easier, but longer, hike.

As you're following the GREEN ROUTE, at the top of the steps from Redbrook, turn right up the road behind the houses and then when you see a stile on your left climb over it and head up the steep grassy hill. Over the next stile and the camping field is on your right, back through the opening in the hedge. Once you're pitched up come on straight up the hill and visit the Welcome Desk.

[Walking route - you can download it in GPX from there too]

By Bike[edit]

There's no organised bike ride this year, like there was in 2013, but see the BarnCamp 2013 Bike Ride page for some tips or if you fancy organising one yourself.