BarnCamp at Highbury Farm - Set-up

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Setting up BarnCamp at Highbury Farm

Summary of Areas

  • Barn
    • Bar
    • Stage
    • Washing up area
    • Breakfast area
    • Tea/coffee area
    • Kitchen area
    • Welcome desk
    • Information board
    • Workshop/plenary area
    • Power
    • Network
  • Marquee
      • Power
      • Network
      • Workshop facilities
  • Kids space
  • Eco-wash
  • Top field



The bar needs to be erected, if not already so and then the following:

  • Beer barrels need to be placed horizontally in their permanent position on a suitable stand, spiled (hard cork hammered into them) and left to settle for 24-36 hours.
  • Cider needs stacking on and under bar (but not so that liquid will pour onto boxes).
  • Soft drinks need to be stacked under bar.
  • Also need to be located in bar area:
    • Cashbox
    • Pad and pen (for tab)
    • Bar snacks
  • Power needs to be fed here with suitable light for visibility at night.


  • PA
  • Power
  • Mic stands, mics, cabling
  • Mixing desk
  • Suitable cables and connectors for different equipment
  • Stack all audio equipment here to be sorted out
  • Store tools on/behind stage area

Washing up area

This can be build using hay/straw bales and doors or other wood for tops. A good location is on the right-hand side facing in between bar and kitchen area. It needs space for 2-3 bowls, 2 racks, and for stacking dirty and clean stuff. Kit required:

  • 2 x drying rack
  • 3 x washing up bowls
  • Crockery - plates, cups and bowls
  • Cutlery - knives, forks, spoons
  • Washing up liquid
  • Anti-bac handwash
  • Teatowels
  • Dishcloths, brushes and scourers
  • Light useful here

Breakfast area

  • Table
  • Margarine (vitalite or other vegan equivalent)
  • Knives, spoons, crockery
  • 2 x toaster
  • Power
  • Stack bread and other breakfast stuff here (food MUST be stored off the floor or in boxes (use empty boxes used to transport electrical cabling)) to keep away from rats).
  • Light useful here

Tea/coffee area

  • Table
  • 1-2 coffee makers
  • Kettle or tea-urn
  • Stack all teas, coffees, soya and other milks here
  • Power required
  • Light useful here

Kitchen area

Exact details to be completed, but essentials are:

  • Tables
  • Gas bottles and regulators
  • Power + cable cover to run power to there
  • Lighting
  • Stack any pots and pans here

Welcome desk

  • Table
  • 2 x Chair
  • Computer for sign up
  • VoIP phone (if provided)
  • Cashbox
  • Paper and pens
  • Store stationary here

Information board

  • Flip chart paper
  • Method of fixing paper (staple gun may be good)
  • Suitable pens

Workshop/main/plenary area

  • Projector screen, projector and speakers (possibly stage PA) + associated leads for connection
  • Need cable cover to run over the track
  • Power-line Ethernet adaptors at both ends to provide networking to Wireless AP
  • Flipchart stand and paper
  • Pens
  • Tables and chairs (can use actual tables of hay/straw bales with doors and bits of wood)


The power comes from a 32 amp c-form supply on one of the columns. Power needs to be fed to anything in the Barn that heats things and also the Marquee, suggest the following:

  • Stage (though can use normal barn electrics)
  • Breakfast area
  • Bar (though can use normal barn electrics)
  • Main space, including workshop tables and Welcome Desk
  • Kitchen area
  • Tea/coffee area
  • Washing up area (if possible) though barn electrics will be fine
  • Production van parking area
  • Marquee

Cable covers/protectors should be used anywhere the cable crosses an access way, or alternative make the cable run be off ground. Any connections (plug-socket) outdoors or near water should be wrapped in a plastic bag, taped and off ground. In general all sockets should be kept off the ground.

  • Place boxes containing power and network cabling on the stage ready to set up.


Ethernet run to house for Internet (should be now already installed). Further Ethernet runs required for: LTSP suite, VoIP phone on Welcome desk and Powerline Ethernet run to Marquee. A switch may be useful. There's a "Barn" wireless access point to plug into this.


  • Erect marquee - 8 people ideally for this with 2 x sledhammer
  • Hay/straw bales for seats
  • Projector screen, projector and speakers + associated leads for connection
  • "Marquee" wireless access point
  • Power provided by long mains cable run from barn, ensure cable run is not over main walking space
  • Need cable cover to run over the track
  • Power-line Ethernet adaptors at both ends to provide networking to Wireless AP
  • Flipchart stand and paper
  • Pens
  • Lighting

Kids space

  • Erect party tent, place spare bits in box in corner - 2 x sledgehammer, ratchet straps and 4-6 people needed for this.
  • Green carpeting (HF should have this?)
  • Place kids space stuff here


Located in bottom field requires:

  • 2 x medium sized tarps
  • Heavy-duty crocodile clips
  • Solar light
  • 2 x bowl
  • Table or hay/straw bales to place bowls on
  • Anti-bac handwash
  • Sign saying what it is

Top field

  • Solar lighting (or candles in jars) on track, near slope down to barn door, by field gate and near marquee help people find their way around the site.
  • A light outside the bar can be helpful.