BarnCamp 2011 Entertainment

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If you're up for entertaining us at BarnCamp on the Friday or Saturday night, or if you're up for helping to run the stage, operate a sound desk, be a sound tech, bring some equipment, providing backing to some egomanic as they perform, then put your name down here:

  • MikeH: am up for providing some sound equipment, showing someone else how to use a sound desk, and strumming a couple of songs.
  • penguin: I'm up for showing a film or two. My current top though is to watch a hollywood tech film (e.g. WarGames, The Net, Hackers) and have a competition as to who can spot the most things meeting the criteria 'but that would never work on a computer). Or we could watch something vaguely political (John Pilger's view on the role of the media in modern war - or _cringe_ Batlle in Seattle, the Hollywood version), or just fun. Perhaps I should just bring a load of films & we can decide on the night.