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Links in TTFA2 are to be completed via the link shortener. This is managed from [1]. The username and password for this are available to the worthy on request. The reasons for using this service are:

  • Links can be shortened
  • Links that become broken can be fixed, as we can change what they link to

Here are the current links, made purely as examples:

Current Shortened Links
Link URL Topic info on the TTFA leafet image search for kittens the hacktionlab website information on the GPL information on Free Software Tech Tools for Activism 2

So how do I add these to the TTFA2?

Add them into the documents like this:

You can find an editable online copy of this book at Please enhance this text with your own edits.

The explain them at the bottom of the page, and show where you want them to link to:

# - A link to the live ttfa2 text -