TTFA2 Style Guide

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The Style Guide

  • 1,200 for the Intro and 600 words for each chapter aka article: Make it shorter if you can and accept that some could be longer.
  • Articles are self-contained in their own right, bound together by the introduction.
  • Article format ought to be: user story, current practice, software solution, (optional user story)
  • Articles should be introductions, without going into detailed step-by-step instructions: signposts to the information on the net.
  • Articles are limited to being about software technology.
  • It's a guide for people using IT for political activity
  • Focus should be on helping people to approach these topics, not be dictatorial nor about scare-mongering.
  • Humour and pictures should be used where possible, but not over used.
  • Images should be between 200 and 300 pixels wide, get a suitable image resolution.
  • Only use headers for title of the article and sub-headings.
  • It will be a PDF.
  • Anything we control is under CC attribution licence. Add licensing info and sources to the to article itself.
  • Add URL references to the article itself using link shortners

Common Structure for Each Article

See our model article. It's been agreed that each article should have a common structure as follows:

Bulleted intro

Each article will begin with a bulleted list that summarises what the piece is about.

real life story

A real event that happened to someone.

why is this an issue & what you can do

This is the main body of the article with all the info in it.

what next (find out more & how to do it)

This section contains link and place to go to find out more.