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What was in 2007 two spaces: Be the Media and the Bristol Wireless Cybertent would be one single space in 2009. The team would be made up of those who have previously done the BGG and also the same space at the Camp for Climate Action as well as HacktionLab.




Workshops & cybersuite

Co-ordinators: Mike, Sean, Dave, Ben.

Our front out house will be a 30' x 30' army-style tent of a dark canvass (or white if not available) that is being supplied to us by the BGG. This will be a shared space featuring an area for workshops and the Internet terminals along two of the side walls.

We have also 8 trestle tables and 16 chairs on order from the BGG to furnish the space. Bristol Wireless is also in possession of some additional lightweight aluminium chairs for the space.

We were hoping to hire flooring from Sam Hermitage, who has since reneged on this offer because of his previous experience with loosing stuff at the BGG.

We have requested straw bales, but this was refused on the basis of fire regulations.

If we could get hold of some matting or carpet that would be good.


Co-ordinators: Becky, John

The kitchen will be set-up in Bristol Wireless's 6m x 4m party tent. We hope to obtain Linda's wooden trestle tables from St Werburghs for this, but otherwise we'll need to improvise.

Crew refreshments area

We are looking for a frame/party tent for this. We'll need same tables and chairs for this space.

Workshops & debates

For more details, see the special page on workshops at the Big Green Gathering 2009

BGG Web site

The text and links at text for the Big Green Gathering 2009 programme were submitted to Bruce at the BGG before the end of June by Mike, although no-one has managed to update the relevant section on the BGG's web site since then. Is ERROR in text which says IMF instead of WTO - brace for looking a bit foolish :)

Additional activities

A number of additional activities have been suggested and will be taking place:

  • Live and on-going workshops on providing written media content, perhaps liaising with the Mendip Munters (Green Print) and the AMARÉ staff office publication.
  • Live and on-going roving workshops on radio reports (FlashRadio suggested for organising this).
  • Photo desk -> slide-show: a machine for collecting photos from around the festival to show on projector screen during the evening.
  • Green Radio: we won't be doing much directly with Green Radio (save providing them with some net access). Streaming of Green Radio will take place using a dedicated streaming laptop backstage in production connected to a tranny tuned into the FM broadcast.


Working draft at Set-up crew will be arriving on site as early as Thursday 23rd and leaving on Tuesday 4th August.

We need the following crew:

  • Those willing to arrive the Saturday or Sunday before the festival and help set up the space.
  • Those willing to run the space during the event, includes looking after the internet access, staffing the be the media table, organising the workshop space, closing and opening.
  • Those up for helping with providing a limited amount of crew food (see below).
  • Those willing to provide back-room tech support to the space during the event.
  • Those willing to tat-down the space at the end of the festival, staying till the Tuesday afterwards.
  • Those looking to facilitate debates and run workshops.

Along side these roles we may also have some guests who come to get involved in the workshops and debates.

There is a mailing list at and potential crew can let Mike & Sean know of their availability by using this corporate planning tool.

Bristol Wireless production IT crew

Bristol Wireless is providing some production IT services this year. This is a paid opportunity and Bristol Wireless will be responsible for providing staffing for this in addition to the crew for the be the media space. Crew can moonlight before the event (from the 23rd onwards) to work on the production side.

Crew food

We're organising our own crew food catering this year. Each confirmed crew members needs to pay up £20 in advance (£10 for kids) in order to cover 3 meals a day during the event. We'll be requesting that the BGG feed advance set-up crew.


The space would be powered again by Magrec, but this time would have the additional support of Sam Rossiter and his wind generator (currently broken and most probably not available) and batteries (unknown capacity), as opposed to Ray-Mundo, who is not available this year. Mike also has limited power on-board his van.

Power requirements

A good source of reference mostly relevant to the BGG are the Guidelines for fair usage of power at Climate Camp 2008.

Magrec can supply a constant feed of 500 to 600 watts during daytime, weather permitting.

Group/activity Running time (per day) Average power (watts) Daily consumption (kWh)
Bristol Wireles cybersuite 12 hours 500 watts
Debating/talk space
Satellite+router 12 hours 100 watts 1.2kW


Internet connectivity for the space would be provided by a dedicated satellite dish located behind the Be the Media space. We are considering an additional wireless infrastructure link back to the production area to connect to the internet access back there: this gives a two-way fall-over backup.


John will be bringing his LED project for us to show films in the evening

VisionOn.TV, the new project of Undercurrents were to have been on board with their World's smallest cinema to show grass roots films and also to take part in the running of workshops but they are now farmed out to AMARE as we don't have enough power / structures for them and they delayed too long in confirming.

Kit List Email Sean for edit rights


Potential & Actual

List personal costs & organisational costs here So much of what we do is supported by hidden costs or people donating their own resources The purpose of this is to establish exactly how much it is costing us to put on this event and supply services. Not sure how this particular section will pan out or what we will all agree constitutes a real expense but at least this is a start.


If coming by public tranbsport the BGG website recommends that people catch the train/bus to Weston-Super-Mare and then catch the special big red bus service from the station to the Big Green Gathering site (£4 each way - service starts wednesday).



  • ACTION: Mike, Sean & Ben to provide full crew numbers to Jean: Jean to confirm how she wants this info presented.
  • ACTION: Mike to liaise with someone to print + laminate giant copy of workshop timetable
  • ACTION: Dave to sort Indy dvd and infostall
  • ACTION: Dave to liaise with Guy to produce photo exhibition
  • ACTION: All: to find extra crew refreshments tent.
  • ACTION: Becky & John to finalise food.
  • ACTION: Mike to gather in food money for Becky.
  • ACTION: Rich to place cyder order.
  • ACTION: Bob/Lesley to confirm Amare & Green Business requirements, and Sean to cost out.

Completed actions

DONE: Jean to confirm Mike's request for the BGG to source a 30'x30' army-style marquee along with eight trestle tables and 16 chairs.

DONE: Mike to liaise with Clive, Sam R and Sam H over power provision for space.

DONE: Mike to liaise with VisionOn.TV as to their involvement and ticket and crew requirements.

DONE: Ben to work on programme outline, Mike to write article. All to contribute to programme: DONE by Mike, Ben & Dave

DONE: to provide their proposal and crew requirements. VisionOn moved to Amare.

DONE: Write article for web site (anyone??). Mike did it with Sean's help.

DONE: To launch Doodle (currently

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